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Behavioral Health Solutions for Justice-Involved Individuals

Compassionately connecting justice-involved individuals to the clinical care and social supports they need.

A recovery-oriented approach to competency restoration.

Liberty’s Restoration of Competency (ROC®) program is one of several options in a continuum of levels of care that aligns treatment with an individual’s needs. The program, pioneered by Liberty in 1997, augments traditional state hospital treatment by providing highly specialized restoration of competency treatment using efficient, intensive, and targeted interventions within a jail system.

Our recovery-oriented approach combines the proactive use of psychiatric medications and multi-modal rehabilitative activities to holistically address competency. Liberty’s multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, forensic psychologists, forensic social workers, nurses, psychiatric technicians, and educators coordinate with the jail’s staff to operate seamlessly within their work culture and environment.

Fostering rapid and sustainable clinical recovery through individualized mental health treatment.

Liberty provides a range of intensive psychiatric stabilization services that includes the clinical management of acute inpatient psychiatric stabilization units, mental health observation units, and designated psychiatric housing units for individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness who need more intensive behavioral support and psychiatric monitoring.

Our comprehensive mental health services includes initial mental health evaluations, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, psychiatric medication management, substance use disorder counseling, and psychoeducational groups. We believe that facilitating early and easy access to mental health services is a key to averting and minimizing the exacerbation of psychiatric symptoms and behavioral disturbances.

Promoting community safety through specialized sex offense specific treatment, community re-entry and supervision.

Liberty manages specialized treatment and community supervision programs on behalf of state departments of correction and mental health. Our services include secure facility- and community-based programs for sex offense-specific treatment, risk assessments, re-entry programming, and intensive community supervision. Together, this integrated array of services provides a unique continuum of interventions that promote self-responsibility, target individualized risk factors, prevent recidivism, and promote self-responsibility.

Our Impact


Developed competency reports that, over the past five years, the court has accepted on average 99% of the time, which has led to efficiency in the judicial process.


Consistently maintained an annual cumulative bed-fill rate above 92%, maximizing the utilization of beds and reducing the time ISTs spend awaiting program admission.


Decreased the average wait-time for admission from date of court commitment from 112 to 65 days

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